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Leopard Foil Swimwear

Foil Animal Prints

Shimmer wild in the sun in our resort luxe foil printed swimwear collection, Leopard Foil.

A foil printed bather is the perfect swimsuit if you are looking for that extra bit of glam for your next vacation, as a foil print adds a bit of pizazz and a touch of luxe sparkle. With Nip Tuck Swim’s foil printed women’s swimwear, you get a fashion printed design with an added touch of luxe. As the warm summer light hits our foil prints, they shine, glisten and sparkle in the sun. Leopard Foil has a black base color which really makes the silver foil animal print sparkle even more. This print is wild, on trend and oozes resort side luxe’ability.

A foil animal printed one piece swimsuit is the perfect swimwear style if you are looking for that extra bit of glam for your next vacation and to sparkle and shimmer wild by the pool. All of our Nip Tuck Swim’s foil printed swimwear is designed with an all-over shimmering foil print that adds a touch of luxe. Over the years Nip Tuck Swim has become renowned for its timeless and classic foil print designs. Our foil prints are printed on our luxurious soft hand feel fabrication. A blend of nylon and elastane fabrication that creates a soft, stretch easy fit swimsuit, and our Nip Tuck Swim’s tummy control powermesh provides a comfortable shape enhancing and flattering fit.

Live a luxe life and be resort ready in Nip Tuck Swim's foil range of swimwear. Our foil print collections are timeless and elegant and if you are new to the Nip Tuck Swim family then we highly recommend you trialing one of our foil print women’s tummy control swimsuit styles. Click through here to see our current foil print collections.

With a bit of pizazz and a touch of luxe sparkle, Nip Tuck Swim’s printed foil swimsuits are swim glam at its finest.

Luxury Foil Swimsuit

As we all like to sparkle in the sunlight and reflect a bit of glowing foil print light.

What better way to spend the summer than to show us all how much you shine than in a foil printed swimsuit, tankini set or foil bikini set this season. Add glitz and glam to your wardrobe with a Nip Tuck Swim foil animal printed swimsuit. We cater with a wide range of foil design options available in one piece, tankini sets and bikini sets. They add that extra bit of luxury to your swimsuit wardrobe and will look incredible on.

There will always be new luxurious foil prints launching into our collections each and every season. We know you love our classic foil prints like Nautical foil, Deco foil, Ahoy foil and all our other much loved classic foil prints and these prints will continue to feature in our ranges season after season.

How do I care for my swimsuit properly?

We recommend that you always rinse your bathers off with clean cold water as soon as you exit the pool or beach. Yes, our swimsuits are made for going in the water but chlorine chemicals or salt water will damage the quality of swimsuits over time so make sure that you are washing them after use. For extra swimsuit care information read through our blog on how to make your Nip Tuck Swim Women's Swimsuits last.


What does Tummy Control Women's swimwear mean?

At Nip Tuck Swim we create tummy control women's swimwear for the purpose of increasing support to give a smoothing and slimming effect to the curves of the body. To do this we create swimsuits with two attributes; our powermesh lining and tummy ruching to give the best tummy tuck! Nip Tuck Swim’s powermesh holds you in and gives you confidence as it subtly sculpts your body, but not too tightly that it’s restrictive. To compliment the use of our tummy tuck swimsuit powermesh fabric in our garments we also like to add ruching to the tummy section of our women’s swimwear. The use of ruching throughout our tummy control swimwear is to enhance the female figure and add a disguising effect.


Sizes Available in Women’s Swimwear

Know your Nip Tuck Swim bather size? If you are a regular Nip Tuck Swim Swimsuit wearer than you will more than likely know your swimsuit size, but if you are new to us then we highly recommend clicking through here and checking out our sizing guide, measuring your body to ensure you purchase the correct size swimsuit to suit your body shape and size.

Not sure of your body measurements or size in Nip Tuck Swim Swimwear? That is ok, as we have a few quick simple body size measurements that you can do to check and can confirm your Nip Tuck Swim swimsuit size. Click through here to read our blog on how to measure for your correct size.

Own a piece of luxury swimwear from the swim brand that makes everyone’s favorite swimsuit.

All of our foil printed swimsuits are available in sizes US 4 - US 12 and sizes AUST 8 - AUST 16. To find suits in your size click the size link size us 4 / aust 8size us 6 / aust 10size us 8 / aust 12size us 10 / aust 14size us 12 / aust 16., size us 14 / aust 18, size us 16 / aust 20, size us 18 / aust 22 or size us 20 / aust 24.

Find the time to relax and create the memories in Nip Tuck Swim’s foil printed swimwear and feel the difference a perfectly fitting glamorous swimsuit makes.

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So shimmer wild in the sun this season in Nip Tuck Swim’s luxury foil printed swimsuits.