How to:

Launder your Nip Tuck Swim Bathers!

(to get them to last that little bit longer)

If you love your tummy control Nip Tuck Swimwear as much as I love mine then I imagine you want to make them last as long as possible… specific care instructions are annoying, but they make a world of difference to maintaining the life of your favorite Nip Tuck Swim one piece, tankini or bikini Set.

If you want to make sure you are taking the best care of your bathers, then the care instructions on the care labels are very important to have a read over. These are very simple, straight forward do’s & don’ts for maintaining the look and feel you love so much about your favorite figure forming Nip Tuck bathers.

However, there is one instruction that is the up most important when it comes to swimwear care do’s and here it is:


Yes, bathers are designed to be worn in the water, but the harsh chlorine chemicals or abrasion of the salt water will damage the quality of the fabrics and trims. Always make sure you give your swimsuits a good rinse once you are done with your water activities.  

Once you have rinsed off your body sculpting bathers and have made your way back home, it is important to give them an extra bit of care and love.

The care instructions on most Nip Tuck swimwear advises you to handwash separately in cold water.

This step is simple and only takes a few minutes.


Step One
Simply fill up a small bucket of water with a gentle garment detergent


Step Two
Add the bathers, give them a good wash with gentle massaging gesture. 


Step Three
Rinse out the garments to remove all excess detergents 


Step Four
Hang them out to dry in a shady position. 

And please, remember not to use any detergents that have bleach, chlorine or harsh abrasive chemicals as this will breakdown the structure of the fabric and cause it to deteriorate quickly.

After do’s comes Don’ts:

I know you bought your swimwear to look smooth around the edges (thanks to our magic tummy control powermesh fabric & ruching panels) but please do not iron and do not tumble dry your bathers…. You do not want to accidentally burn in a new armhole through the side seam or back side.

In my opinion, you should treat your bathers with the same delicacy as you treat your intimate apparel.

Always read and follow the instruction provided on the care label, however If you do not have the time to hand wash the swimsuits as per the suggested care instructions, make sure to place your bathers in a wash bag on the gentle cycle to prevent as much damage as possible.

Using a wash bag to launder your Nip Tuck swimsuits is a great way to make sure the garment is secure in one parcel and kept away from other items of clothing. Having it in a wash bag will ensure will not get caught up or snagged on other string, toggles or rough edges.

We want your body sculpting and slimming shapewear Nip Tuck swimsuits to last as long as they possibly can. Following these simple and easy do’s and don’ts will help prolong the life span of your affordable designer bathers.


Find the time to relax and create memories in Nip Tuck Swim.


The Nip Tuck Team xx


May 04, 2020 — the Nip Tuck Swim Team


Beatriz Williamson said:

I purchased one of your suits in a store. I’ve had it now for 2-3 years. I love it! It is made very well, super flattering. I liked it so much, although mine is still in great condition, I went on up your website and bought another beautiful one! Thank you.
(I guess you don’t make cover-ups?)

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