The Nip Tuck Swim Guide on How to Measure Yourself

Browsing through our products and found a couple of swimsuits you love but don’t know what size to purchase? This blog is for you! We want you to fall in love with your Nip Tuck Swim swimwear and the key to that is making sure you buy the right size. So have no fear, we’re here to help you.  

This blog will assist you by helping you to understand your sizing and will guide you through measuring and recording a few key dimensions. In this guide we explain which measurements are needed and how to gather them accurately. Having these measurements on file is great for times when you’re purchasing anything online, so keep them handy! 

At Nip Tuck Swim, we understand that every woman has a different body that is unique to them. It is important that we take the time to understand our bodies and their many shapes and sizes. This will ensure that you will be able to purchase swimwear that fits and supports you best. 

The below guide will detail how to measure your body and from these measurements, what size you are on our Nip Tuck Swim size guide. 

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 Accuracy is key when it comes to taking your dimensions. Accurate measurements will allow you to order the most flattering swimsuit possible for your body shape and size. This may be a scary task for some women, and we understand this. But we’re here every step of the way. Take a deep breath and don’t think about this too hard as at the end of the day all you’re looking at is a bunch of numbers – they don’t mean anything! We want to mention here too that it’s important to understand how different everybody is from one another. It’s incredibly common to not be the same size from your bust to your waist, to your hips. The differences here are what make us so special and unique. 

 So where do we start?  

The very first step we want you to take is to relax. We need you to gather a few things to take your measurements, and maybe grab a friend to help you along the way. You will need:

  • A tape measure (or 2!). We recommend having 2 tape measures handy.
  • A full length mirror
  • A pen and paper (for recording your dimensions)
  • A calculator (we will explain what this is for a little later)
  • And yourself!

What do I wear when taking my measurements you ask? 

Please undertake this process wearing only your bra and undies. Don’t take your measurements over your clothing as they won’t be accurate! Wear your favorite pair of comfortable undies (nothing that has compression or tummy control properties) and make sure that the elastic isn’t digging into you at all.  

 It’s also a good idea to wear your favorite good fitting, supportive bra to make sure that your bust measurement is accurate. A good way to tell that your bra is supportive is to make sure that your breasts are sitting in their cups correctly – not spilling out from the top or sides. The under band of your bra also shouldn’t ride up at the back. Do the move test! Move around in your bra and make sure it isn’t digging in or slipping out of position in any way to make sure that your bra fits you correctly.  

 Other important notes 

For the best and most accurate measurements, take your measurements twice! Doing this will give you a way to check that the numbers you’re recording are correct. We also want you to note that it’s important to remeasure yourself every time you want to buy a new swimsuit (or anything for that matter!). Our bodies fluctuate all the time so constantly updating your measurements will benefit you the most when buying new items online. 

 We need 6 measurements from you 

There are 6 measurements that we require to help you find your perfectly fitting swimsuit:

  1. Bust
  2. Under bust
  3. Waist
  4. High hip
  5. Low hip
  6. Torso or body length

1. Bust Measurement

To measure your bust, you need to take this measurement around the widest part of your chest. Make sure you’re wearing a good fitting bra that isn’t a push-up, booster, minimizer or crop top. An everyday wearer without padding is best. If padding is a must though, a little bit of soft padding is acceptable.

Step 1: 

Stand sideways to a mirror. When looking at your side profile in the mirror, your bra back must be in line with the front of your bra and parallel to the ground. 

Step 2: 

Time for the actual measuring part. Run the tape measure horizontally around the fullest part of your bust. Hold the tape measure here and run it around your back roughly to where your bra strap sits. Your tape measure should be parallel to the floor.

Nip Tuck Swim Tummy Control Size Guide

2. Under Bust Measurement

To measure under your bust, make sure you’re wearing a suitable bra as per the guidelines outlined above.  

 Step 1: 

Stand sideways in your mirror. Again, when standing sideways to the mirror, when you look at yourself, your bra back must be in line with the front of your bra and parallel to the ground. 

 Step 2: 

To gather the measurement, run the tape measure horizontally along the band at the bottom of your bra. Start at the back and bring the tape measure around to the front so you can read the measurement. Please make sure this measurement doesn’t include any of your bust. The tape measure must sit underneath your breasts. This is where the mirror comes in handy.

Nip Tuck Swim Tummy Control Size Guide
Nip Tuck Swim Tummy Control Size Guide

3. Waist Measurement

Here, you must measure your waist at it’s smallest point. Do not wear a shirt or anything that will cover your stomach. You need to take this measurement on bare skin. 

 Step 1: 

Stand in front of a full length mirror.  

 Step 2: 

Find your natural waistline. To do this, bend to one side and look for the dip in your torso. If you’re struggling with this step, take this measurement from the middle of your body around where the lowest part of your ribcage is. 

 Step 3: 

Run the tape measure around your natural waistline, as always keeping the tape measure horizontal to the ground to get the most accurate measurement of your waist.

Nip Tuck Swim Tummy Control Size Guide

4. High/Upper Hip Measurement

For this measurement you need to measure your stomach at its fullest point. This is where you’ll need that ribbon or piece of string.  After finding and measuring your natural waist, tie your ribbon or string around your natural waist point. Keep this here until you have taken your two hip measurements. 

 Step 1: 

Find your upper hip. Look in the mirror front on and position your tape measure vertically at the side of your body. The tape measure must meet with your natural waist and the lowest edge of the string/ribbon. 

 Step 2: 

Measure roughly 10cm down from your natural waist. This is to measure the fullest part of your abdomen. 10cm may not suit every woman so as a rough guide, measure down to the point that your stomach is at it’s widest. Visually note this point on your body. 

 Step 3: 

From that visual marker, measure horizontally around your upper hip with the tape measure parallel to the floor.

Nip Tuck Swim Tummy Control Size Guide
Nip Tuck Swim Tummy Control Size Guide

5. Lower Hip Measurement

To measure your lower hip, you need to measure your hips at their widest point.  

 Step 1: 

Find your lower hip. Look in the mirror front on and position the tape vertically against your body again. The tape measure must meet with the string/ribbon you tied previously to your natural waist at it’s lowest edge. Just like you did for the upper hip measurement. 

 Step 2: 

Measure down approximately 18-25cm from the tie around your natural waist. This is to measure the largest part of your bottom. Again, the 18-25cm guideline will not suit everyone. So measure to the point that your hips or bottom are at their widest. 

 Step 3: 

Measure horizontally around this part of your hip with the tape measure horizontal to the floor. It’s important to be precise here as uneven hip measurements will skew your overall measurements.

Nip Tuck Swim Tummy Control Size Guide

6. Torso Measurement

Here we will be measuring your body length. This is easiest done using two tape measures and the help of a friend.  

 Step 1: 

Position your measuring tape at the center of the top of your shoulder, roughly about where your bra strap sits normally. 

 Step 2: 

Run the measuring tape between your legs and up to the center point of your shoulder. You may need 2 tape measures here (this is incredibly common). If you’re alone, we suggest draping the tape measure behind you and bringing this around to your front.

Nip Tuck Swim Tummy Control Size Guide
Nip Tuck Swim Tummy Control Size Guide

Finding Your Bust Cup Size

Knowing what cup size you are is incredibly important, especially when buying new clothes. It is surprising to know that you can do this easily at home! You don’t need to head into a lingerie shop for this one.  Working out what cup size you are is made easy with the measurements above. We’re about to get into a little bit of math but we promise that finding this measurement is easy with the following steps: 

1. Record your bust and under bust measurements on a piece of paper 

2. Grab your calculator 

3. Minus your under bust measurement from your bust measurement and this is your cup size measurement (BUST – UNDER BUST = CUP SIZE). 

 Refer to our cup size chart here to find your bra cup size.

How do I use these Measurements to Buy the Correct Size?

The first thing you need to do here is compare your measurements to our size chart. Please note that different measurements are relevant to different pieces of swimwear:

  • Swim top: bust, under bust (and possibly waist) measurements.
  • Swim pants: waist, high hip and low hip measurements.
  • One piece: all 6 measurements are relevant here. 

We want to note here that this is also highly up to personal preference. Some people may prefer a tighter fit to a looser fit and vice versa. These measurements are to be used as a guide only. Please keep this in mind when finding your perfectly fitting swimsuit, as ‘perfectly fitting’ will mean different things for different people. As a guide, your swimsuit should be firm but never uncomfortable. 

 If your measurements aren’t making sense or you’re running into a bit of trouble with this, email our customer service team for help.  

Click through here to contact us

What are Multifit Cups?

Multifit cups will fit and suit a large range of cup sizes. This expands your options as you’re not forced to buy your exact size. Multifit cups do not have any underwire so they can fit and accommodate for different cup sizes.

The Do's and Don'ts of Taking Your Own Measurements


  • Do phone a friend for some help
  • Relax in a comfortable space
  • Be truthful. Don’t alter your measurements because that’s what you feel you want your measurement to be. Be truthful about this to get the best fit.
  • Use a measuring tape (or 2!)
  • Use a pen and paper to record your results
  • Stand-up tall.
  • Use your tape measure the right way round.
  • Use good posture.
  • Use a full length mirror.
  • Wear good fitting underwear
  • Undertake measuring process twice for the most accurate results
  • Have a calculator on hand. 

  • Don’t suck your waist in
  • Don’t be too hot or cold
  • Don’t rush
  • Don’t use a building tape measure (these can hurt!)
  • Don’t breath in
  • Don’t slouch
  • Don’t wear a bush up bra or restrictive crop top or anything with padding
  • Don’t take your measurements over clothing 
 Please remember that your measurements are likely to change over time. Even if you have bought a Nip Tuck Swimsuit last year and it fit perfectly, please re-measure yourself this year to make sure that purchase a swimsuit that fits you perfectly. 

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Lots of Love, 

From the Nip Tuck Swim Team 


April 26, 2021 — The Nip Tuck Swim

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