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Size 4 Swimwear

At Nip Tuck Swim we have an extensive range of size 4 swimwear in a wide variety of swimsuit styles and prints. From tummy control one pieces, slimming tankini sets, supportive bikini sets and stylish sunsafe swimsuits, we have the perfect style and print to suit your size 4 body.

Nip Tuck Swim is a renowned women’s swimsuit brand that is known for its top-quality swimwear with a luxurious, soft hand-feel and supportive and functional design. These are just a few reasons why Nip Tuck Swim is every woman’s favorite swimwear brand.

If you are a regular Nip Tuck Swim Swimsuit wearer and you know that you are a size 4, then our ‘find your size’ function will make it so easy for you to find every swimsuit we have available in size 4. On any collection page, use the filter function to show only swimsuits, tankinis and bikinis that are available in a size 4. We have hundreds of Nip Tuck Swim styles that are available in a size 4 – fashionable one-piece swimsuits, slimming tankinis, flattering bikini sets and our chic sunsafe collection.

On this page, you can see all our current collections with swimsuits, tankinis and bikinis that are available in a Nip Tuck Swim size 4.

Check the Nip Tuck Swim Comprehensive Size Guide

Not sure if you wear size 4 swimwear? That is ok, as we have a few quick and simple body measurements that you can do at home to check your size and to confirm your accurate Nip Tuck Swim women’s swimsuit size.

For all our Nip Tuck Swim swimwear styles, we highly recommend checking out our sizing guide and measuring your body to ensure you purchase the correct size swimsuit to suit your unique body size and shape.

Click through here to read our blog on how to measure your body.

Women’s Size 4 Swimwear on Sale

Why waste time browsing through pages and pages of sale items trying to find a style in your size? At Nip Tuck Swim we make it easy to find all swimsuits available on sale in size 4. On any product listing page on Nip Tuck Swim, you can use the filter function to show only the styles available in a size 4.

Here at Nip Tuck Swim, we are frequently launching new prints and swimwear silhouettes that marry the Nip Tuck Swim customer and her style with current trends in the fashion industry. You can often find many of our popular styles and best-selling swimsuits on sale for affordable and budget-friendly prices.

Other Sizes Available in Women’s Swimwear

Not a size 4? No problem! All our latest swimwear collections are available in sizes AUST 4 - AUST 16.

Sizing isn’t universal or transferrable between brands. Being a predominantly female team, we know as much as you that you can be a certain size with one brand and a completely different size with another. At Nip Tuck Swim, we want you to know the size you are doesn’t matter – what matters is that you find the size best suited to your body. It is more important to find a size that is comfortable and flattering than to squeeze yourself into a supposedly ‘ideal’ size that doesn’t make you feel your best.

To find your perfect Nip Tuck Swim size, check out our size guide. With a few simple measurements done in the comfort of your own home, you can confidently know what size will suit your unique body best.

We make it easy for you to shop our tummy control swimwear by size, saving you time and energy. To find our slimming women’s swimsuits in your individual size, click through the size link here - size us 6 / aust 10size us 8 / aust 12size us 10 / aust 14size us 12 / aust 16.size us 14 / aust 18size us 16 / aust 20size us 18 / aust 22 or size us 20 / aust 24.

Love Nip Tuck Swim

Nip Tuck Swim is an swimwear brand that passionately designs and makes stylish swimsuits for women that enhance, support, and shape their unique and amazing body. Slimming design is a key pillar in our approach to making swimwear, with a focus on tummy control one pieces, slimming tankinis, supportive bikini sets and fashionable sunsafe swimwear.

At Nip Tuck Swim, we pride ourselves on making fabulous swimwear that will see you through years of beach holidays, pool days, summer vacations and resort getaways. Our styles are timeless, meaning your Nip Tuck Swim style will be fashionable even as the trends of fast fashion come and go. As we expand further into the global market of swimwear, Nip Tuck Swim aims to create a global movement of women that are empowered and comfortable when they swim and holiday in countries far and wide. The extensive design efforts that go into Nip Tuck Swim women’s swimwear ensures you can feel supported, comfortable, and free while wearing one of our styles. Once you try Nip Tuck Swim, we know it will be your favorite swimwear brand forever.

Find the time to relax and create the memories in Nip Tuck Swim swimwear.

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