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Textured Swimwear

Women's Textured Swimsuits

Elevate your swimwear wardrobe this season with the new season trend of a textured swimsuit.

Textured fabrics are elegant, and shape enhancing and are currently taking over the entire swimwear world and the Nip Tuck Swim team are embracing this fabulous textural dimensional movement! Textured swimwear has emerged as a major trend this season and isn’t going anywhere soon. These multi-dimensional fabrications not only add depth and dimension to a solid color or print, but also add to the creation of elegant and superior looking swimwear styles.

What is a Textured Swimsuit?

The term textured swimsuit is given to women’s swimwear styles that are made out of a surface interest fabrication. Most swimwear fabrications are made from nylon / elastane and have a smooth surface finish. Textured swimwear is generally a jacquard or rib design that creates interest on the surface of the fabrication. All our Nip Tuck Swim textured fabrics have a powerful and supportive stretch with great retention and will help sculpt the body in our tummy control swimwear styles.

What is the Difference Between a Plain Dye and Textured Swimsuit?

Adding surface texture to a swimsuit creates interest and dimension to an otherwise plain garment.

We all love wearing plain coloured swimwear but we don’t all love the way that the sheen that naturally occurs on most swimwear fabrics will highlight all our bumps and curves. Adding a soft texture to a plain dye swimsuit gives you the plain color swimsuit you are after with the added benefit of surface deflection. This means a textured swimsuit has great disguising benefits as well as being shape enhancing.

Printed Texture Women's Swimwear

At Nip Tuck Swim we also offer selected collections in printed texture. A printed texture swimsuit has all the same benefits of the plain texture fabrication but with a fashionable and fun printed design as well. Click through here to see our printed texture swimwear collections.

Textured Bikinis for Women

Not only do we have a large selection of textured one piece swimsuits in our range but we also offer an extensive range of textured bikini sets to suit the astute bikini lover and all swimwear lovers in general. Embrace the tactility in our sophisticated textured bikini styles with added surface interest and figure sculpting design elements for ultimate body confidence. Click through here to see our full selection of textured bikinis for women.

Women’s Textured Swimwear on Sale

Every season we launch new fabulous collections and each season we will have exciting new women’s swimwear textured fabric designs to show you. You may find that when our textured swimsuits go on sale, our designer affordable swimwear gets even more affordable. Click through here to see any styles of textured swimwear for women that are on sale now.

Sizes Available in Textured Swimwear

Do you know your Nip Tuck Swim Swimsuit size? If you are a regular Nip Tuck Swim Swimsuit wearer than you will more than likely know your accurate size, but if you are new to Nip Tuck Swim then we highly recommend checking out our sizing guide and measuring your body to ensure you purchase the correct size to suit your body shape.

Have questions? Then jump on here and check out our blog where you will find a step-by-step guide on how to obtain your measurements and what these mean.

All our women’s swimwear fabric textured styles are available in sizes US 4 - US 12 and sizes AUST 8 - AUST 16.  

To find swimsuits in your size, click the size link here, size us 4 / aust 8, size us 6 / aust 10, size us 8 / aust 12size us 10 / aust 14, size us 12 / aust 16.

Love your Nip Tuck Swim swimsuits and want to see more? Click through here to see our complete current range 

Find the time to relax and create the memories in a Nip Tuck Swim swimsuit and feel the difference a perfectly fitting swimsuit makes.

…and whilst you are relaxing, might we recommend a bit of light reading, click through here to read our journal. We’d love your feedback too so drop us a line and tell us how much you are loving your new Nip Tuck Swim Swimsuit.

Add some Texture to your life.