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Minimalism – Simplistic Style 

Enjoy life’s simple pleasures. 

A long-standing trend of the past decade is minimalism. Minimalist style is the manifestation of an ethos that prioritizes simplistic beauty, practicality, clean lines and stripped back detail. For some, minimalism can apply just to your way of dress, while for others, it can become a lifestyle, a practice, a way of living. There aren’t strict rules around minimalism – what looks simple to you, may appear ornate and overwhelming to others, or vice versa. The beauty of fashion is that there is space for experimentation, creativity, and nuance. One person may experiment with one part of their attire, like color, while keeping the rest of it entirely simple. Others may use a simplistic piece as the base for a more complex outfit, progressively layering it with more detailed pieces. There are several benefits to minimalism, however you approach it. Minimalistic apparel and swimwear often allow you to focus more on the quality, design, and craftsmanship of a product, and they often stay in your wardrobe for longer periods of time because of their classic silhouettes and neutral colorways. Another benefit of clean, simple style is that it has a calming, healing effect on our minds and spirits by stripping away clutter and visual over-stimulation. We know that the demands and pressures of everyday life can cloud your mind with thoughts and stress – give yourself time away from it all with a restful holiday in Nip Tuck Swim’s newest minimalist bikini style, the Molly tummy control bikini set.     

Find out more about this style below! 

Nip Tuck Swim Tummy Control Bikini Set Swimsuit

Introducing the Molly Bikini by Nip Tuck Swim 

The Molly bikini by Nip Tuck Swim is a simple, triangular bikini set, made for the modern woman who wants the best of body confidence and support. The Molly bikini top features subtly curved triangular cups that extend out toward your underarms for fuller coverage and support, balancing the exposed cleavage in your center bust. The bikini cups have multifit foam cups sewn into the fabric for added padding and superior support. A subtle twist detail at the center bust also provides a touch of feminine tailoring that helps the bikini top mold more to your curves.     

The Molly Bikini has mid-rise paneled bottoms with powermesh lining for a smoothened, flattering fit. These bottoms provide full coverage so that you can feel more comfortable when the rest of your body is already exposed. Triangle bikini styles often reveal more skin than other bikini styles, testing the boundaries of how much skin you can show without being fully nude. Many women don’t shop for triangle bikinis because it's not practical to have so much on display when you’re at the beach playing with children, or swimming in waves that could take the tiny triangle top right off. You’ll never have to worry about this with Nip Tuck Swim’s Molly tummy control triangle bikini set.     

See below to find out what Nip Tuck Swim collection the Molly bikini comes in. 

Nip Tuck Swim Tummy Control Bikini Set Swimsuit
Nip Tuck Swim Tummy Control Bikini Set Swimsuit

Nip Tuck Swim Collections with the Molly Bikini  

Natural Animal Magic Molly Tummy Control Bikini Set Swimsuit 

The Animal Magic Natural range by Nip Tuck Swim features a more traditional animal print with a sun-faded touch. A neutral, pale yellow base contrasts with black rosettes in imitation of the leopard exotic fur. The understated simplicity of the Molly Bikini is elevated by the wild, sensual, and carefree undertones of the Animal Magic print. The Leopard is a striking, unique creature and so are you – show off your beautiful body confidently with Nip Tuck Swim’s Molly Bikini in the Animal Magic natural print. Take this swimsuit from beach to bar with a chic set of black wide leg pants and an unbuttoned black shirt slipped over your Animal Magic Molly bikini. Finish the cocktail-ready outfit with simplistic sandals and thin gold hoops. Shop the Natural Animal Magic Molly Tummy Control Bikini Set Swimsuit now. 

Nip Tuck Swim Tummy Control Bikini Set Swimsuit
Nip Tuck Swim Tummy Control Bikini Set Swimsuit


Blue Dilly Dally Molly Tummy Control Bikini Set Swimsuit

Nip Tuck Swim’s Molly Tummy Control bikini set comes in our artistic and colorful Dilly Dally print. An electric blue base aligns perfectly with 2022’s major maximalist trend that has taken the world of women’s swimwear by storm. Multi-colored abstract florals scatter whimsically over the striking blue base – subdued, pale florals are accentuated by bright pinks, zesty lime greens, energetic oranges, and buoyant, cheerful yellows. Your eyes can enjoy sensory respite with white, grey, and charcoal petals spread over the print, tempering the vibrant hues. The simplicity of the Molly Bikini makes ample room for the Dilly Dally print to shine. Moreover, you can take this minimalist set and give it a maximalist touch with colorful pants and accessories that pick up on one of the many hues in the Dilly Dally print. Let the Dilly Dally Molly bikini inspire your creative, color-loving side now. You can shop this style with 20% off now – just click here

Nip Tuck Swim Tummy Control Bikini Set Swimsuit
Nip Tuck Swim Tummy Control Bikini Set Swimsuit


Lemon Sunflowers Molly Tummy Control Bikini Set Swimsuit 

The greatest joys in life come from the simple things, like Nip Tuck Swim’s Molly bikini in the Sunflowers print. This tummy control set combines the stripped-back minimalism of a triangle bikini style with the child-like optimism, hope and vivacity that comes from a sunflower pattern. In Nip Tuck Swim’s Sunflowers Molly bikini, textures sunflowers in shades of yellow, orange, and earthen brown are framed by delicate leaves, placed randomly with the same fancy as nature herself. A sun-faded yellow base is a soothing balm for the soul, elevating your mood and keep your spirit light all summer long. Enjoy the simplicity of the Molly silhouette while illuminating your cheerfulness, hope and carefree nature. Shop the Nip tuck Swim Sunflowers Molly tummy control bikini set now.  

Nip Tuck Swim Tummy Control Bikini Set Swimsuit
Nip Tuck Swim Tummy Control Bikini Set Swimsuit

Women’s Bikinis  


Bikinis are two-piece swimsuits with the primary function of covering your bust and bottom, often leaving the rest of your body exposed. However, fashion is an ever-evolving industry with innovation, technology and cultural ideals driving change in the landscape of swimwear design year after year. The decision to wear bikinis is personal for everyone. Some women love to wear bikinis. It can be a fashionable celebration of their body positivity, sensuality, and feminine power. For others, it can make them feel overexposed, uncomfortable, or insecure. Negative associations are sometimes the result of bikinis traditionally being made for a particular body type - usually thin, lean, and lithe types. For people with different figures, this can be disheartening. Luckily in contemporary culture, more and more bikini swim sets are being made to accommodate and flatter all different shapes and sizes. Nip Tuck Swim is certainly on a mission to make sure women can wear flattering and supportive bikinis that make them feel beautiful in their own skin. The Molly tummy control triangle bikini by Nip Tuck Swim is an example of our mission. Read below to find out how the Molly bikini is fashionable and on-trend without compromising on support. 

Molly Bikini Multifit Cup Sizing – B/C Cups 


The Molly bikini supportive bikini style by Nip Tuck Swim has multifit foam cups sewn into the top for a flexible, supportive fit. The multifit cup technology by Nip Tuck Swim means that a bikini top accommodates multiple bust sizes in the one cup. In the Molly cross front bikini style, the multifit molded cup sewn into the top best accommodates bust sizes between B-C cups. These bra cups are made to create a soft line coverage and darts provide added contour. This will enhance and compliment your natural figure. 

Nip Tuck Swim Tummy Control Bikini Set Swimsuit

Can bikinis be supportive? 


Modern mums and women all over have lamented the lack of support they experience in bikinis sold now. With fashion trends careening toward the revealing and provocative, designers have found it increasingly difficult to incorporate supportive features in the bikinis they sell. As mentioned earlier, triangle bikini styles often reveal even more skin than other bikini styles due to their angular shape that cuts across our curves rather than moves around them. Many women don’t shop for these bikinis because they sacrifice support, comfort, and coverage. The Molly Bikini is a perfect answer to this dilemma, showing you how you can wear the triangle bikini without losing the perfect, supportive fit Nip Tuck Swim is known for. Read about the ways the Molly triangle bikini can support you below.    

Multifit cup technology  

Nip Tuck Swim’s multifit cup technology provides a wide range of bust sizes with molded, quality support. The multifit cup is a fixed, special grade foam cup that is sewn into our swimsuits, providing support that won’t shift and misshape after swimming in it or washing it. The foam used is strong enough to provide structural support in the swimsuit while also being flexible enough to conform to your unique bust.    

Adjustable straps  

The chest size and torso height of each woman is different, which is why the Molly Bikini, alongside the wide range of Nip Tuck Swim women’s swimwear features adjustable straps. Experience comfortable support that doesn’t slip or alternatively feel way too tight. Experience a fit that is just perfect.    

Powermesh technology  

Nip Tuck Swim women’s swimwear range, including our Molly Bikini, comes lined with our unique powermesh fabrication. This fabric is soft yet tightly woven, meaning it feels comfortable to wear on your bare skin while also contouring and slimming your form for a flattering look.    

Extra strength clip and wide panel at the back  

The Molly Bikini has an extra strong plastic clip closure on the center back. Triangle bikinis often feature a tie-up back with very stretchy string fabric. This isn’t supportive for those with bigger busts, and often cuts into skin on the back uncomfortably. The back of the Molly Bikini is a wide panel lined with powermesh fabrication, helping it to smoothen your back while also fitting firmly to it.     

Darts on the bikini top  

Darts at the under bust of the Molly bikini top pull the bikini cup in where tailoring and contouring support is desired. This will enhance and compliment your natural curves for a flattering look. 

Nip Tuck Swim Tummy Control Bikini Set Swimsuit

How to find your size in our Nip Tuck Swim’s women's swimwear collection?  


Here at Nip Tuck Swim, we understand that the best online shopping experience comes when the product you receive fits perfectly. That is why we encourage you to check our Nip Tuck Swim size guide before finalizing your purchase with us. A few quick measurements at home can ensure you receive a tummy control swimsuit that slips on without a fuss, providing a flattering, contouring fit. Follow this link to read more on our blog about how to accurately measure your body. Shop online with confidence today.

All of our Nip Tuck Swim swimwear is available in sizes US 4 - US 12 and sizes AUST 8 - AUST 16. Nip Tuck Curve plus size swimwear is available in sizes US 14 – US 20 and in Australian sizes AUST 18 – Aust 24. 

To find suits in your size click the size link size us 4 / aust 8size us 6 / aust 10size us 8 / aust 12size us 10 / aust 14size us 12 / aust 16., size us 14 / aust 18size us 16 / aust 20size us 18 / aust 22 or size us 20 / aust 24.   

“Less is more with Molly”  

Shop the Nip Tuck Swim Molly bikini now.

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