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Nip Tuck Active


Elevate your fitness experience with Nip Tuck Active

Discover the perfect blend of support and style with Nip Tuck Active. Crafted with Nip tuck’s known features of built in multi-fit cups, powermesh and body sculping, our Active Wear range offers unmatched comfort, control and support for every workout.

This timeless collection has been designed to accentuate your body contours.
Nip Tuck Active believes that every woman deserves activewear that not only looks great but supports all areas of the body, ensuring you feel confident in your skin.

Say goodbye to activewear that pinch, slides, or digs in. Our built in multi-fit cup active wear tops are designed to accommodate sizes B cup, C cup, D cup and DD Cup, providing superior support and comfort that adapts to your body’s unique contours.

Whether you’re powering through a high intensity workout or finding Zen in yoga classes, our active sports bras and active leggings keep everything securely in place so you can focus on what matters most – your fitness journey.

Why have we decided to make an Active Wear line?


Renowned for its comfortable, supportive, and functional swimwear, Nip Tuck Swim wanted to expand its horizons to cater to the active lifestyle of its customers.

Introducing Nip Tuck Active, where we infuse the same comfort and support features into our activewear range. Your requests have been heard, and we're excited to deliver! – Nip Tuck Active.

The team at Nip Tuck felt the need to move in a direction that speaks volumes, expanding the name of the brand and committing to meeting the diverse needs of our Nip Tuck community. With a reputation built on crafting high quality and figure flattering swimwear that empowers women to feel confident and comfortable, we saw an opportunity to extend our love of style and support into Active living.

At the heart of this decision lies a deep understanding of the modern woman’s lifestyle. Today’s women lead dynamic and multifaceted lives, juggling various responsibilities such as hitting the gym, running errands, practicing yoga, or enjoying an active day outdoors.

We as women care a lot about our health, we often forget how important it is to focus on both our physical and mental health. That comes with feeling and looking confident in our skin. Nip Tuck Active seeks to empower women to look and feel their best no matter where their active lifestyle takes them.

The decision to design and sell activewear aligns with our aim of making women globally feel empowered and confident, not only in the water but outside of it too. Just as we cater our swimwear to a diverse range of body types and sizes, our active wear aims to celebrate the same amount of support for women of all shapes, sizes, and fitness levels.

In developing our activewear line, we draw upon our expertise of crafting garments that offer unparallel comfort, support and functionality. Building from years of experience designing swimwear that flatters and enhances the female form, Nip Tuck Active aims to apply the same attention to detail and commitment to high quality fabrications to our active wear range.

From high performance fabrics that wick away moisture and provide optimal stretch and mobility to thoughtful designs that ensure a flattering and supportive fit, Nip Tuck Active is designed to meet the demands of even the most active lifestyles.

What is a sports bra and why do I need one?


A sports bra is an essential garment that provides vital support to our breasts during physical activity. As women who prioritize our health and well-being, investing in supportive sports bras is crucial to our Active living. These bras minimize breast movement and alleviate strain on ligaments, preserving the shape and firmness of our breasts while preventing potential long term damage.

Often, we underestimate the impact of breast movement during exercise whether due to discomfort, perceived low intensity work outs or past negative experiences with ill-fitting bras. However, regardless of the intensity of our workout, it’s crucial to wear a supportive sports bra to avoid further breast damage.

Nip Tuck Active has meticulously researched and designed sports bras that prioritizes comfort and support. Our bras feature wide shoulder straps for a comfortable fit, moisture wicking fabrics to keep you dry and an internal shelf bra for targeted support where it’s needed most.

With our Active Wear Sports Bra, we strive to blend functionality, performance, and style seamlessly. Explore our range of active wear and discover our selection of sports bras and tank tops designed to support your active lifestyle.

Guide to wearing leggings

When engaging in workouts or running errands, opting for activewear like leggings or gym tights is ideal. These garments offer unparalleled comfort, allowing for unrestricted movement, flexibility, and enhanced performance while also aiding in injury prevention.
At Nip Tuck Active, we specialize in crafting leggings that prioritize comfort and support for our active ladies.

Our activewear tights seamlessly blend style with functionality, featuring a dual-layered wide waistband and our signature powermesh lining, ensuring an exceptional fit and support. Additionally, our leggings are squat-proof resistant, providing confidence and reliability during workouts.

Why should you buy Nip Tuck Active?


Investing in Nip Tuck Active means prioritizing both style and functionality in your activewear. Our products boast quality craftsmanship, ensuring durability and longevity in your workout wardrobe.

Designed for maximum comfort, our activewear features soft fabrics, stretchy materials, and ergonomic designs, guaranteeing a comfortable fit throughout your workouts.

What sets Nip Tuck Active apart is its supportive design, engineered to provide ample support for your body during physical activities. From sports bras to leggings and tank tops, our range offers versatile styles to suit different preferences and activities, ensuring you look and feel confident while exercising.

With innovative features like moisture-wicking fabrics and breathable materials, our activewear enhances your overall workout experience, keeping you cool and dry.

Moreover, our designs are tailored to flatter different body types and sizes, promoting body confidence and empowerment.

Designed in Australia by a team of dedicated professionals who understand the needs of active individuals and the beach lifestyle, Nip Tuck Active embodies the essence of stylish, functional, and empowering activewear.

Explore our Active Wear range in different prints and colours. Available in both US and AU.