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Omega Texture Swimwear

It's time to upgrade your swimwear wardrobe!

The new trend in swimwear is textured fabrics, and we're not just talking about a little texture here and there. Plain dye textures are the new trend in womens swimwear.

Textured swimsuits are elegant, shape-enhancing, and taking over the entire world of swimwear. Nip Tuck Swim is embracing this fabulous movement with our constant vibrant collections of textured colored swimsuits!

Our Omega collection is a jacquard texture in a blend of nylon and elastane that creates soft and easy-fit swimsuits. Our team of designers have created a range of styles that are both elegant and shape-enhancing, designed to make you look amazing in the water or on land. Nip Tuck Swim swimsuits are body contouring designer swimwear for affordable prices. All our Nip Tuck Swim textured essential swimsuits have our internal body sculpting power mesh and tummy control design features.

The Omega Fabrication is our luxurious high quality jacquard design with a beautiful textured pattern that mimics the scales of a fish. The fabric has a powerful and supportive stretch that sculpts the body with the added benefit of our powermesh lining. Every season we release new colors in our fabulous quick drying and flattering Omega texture - check out our new season colors now.

Not only does our Omega collection offer great design at affordable prices, but it also offers you a wide range of options so that you can match your personal style and body type perfectly. Our styles are available in multiple colors and prints so no matter what kind of swimsuit you want, we've got something for you! Textured fabrics don't just add dimension to solid colors or prints—they create elegant, superior-looking styles that will have you looking good in the pool (or anywhere else).

So what are you waiting for? Get ready to elevate your look this season with Nip Tuck Swim's Omega colored texture collection!

If you like our Omega Texture than you will also love our other textured collections, see our full range of printed and plain dyed textured swimsuit styles.

All of our Nip Tuck Swim tummy control swimwear is available in sizes US 4 - US 12 and sizes AUST 8 - AUST 16

How to Get a Swimsuit That Fits Beautiful by Nip Tuck Swim

Finding your correct size in Nip Tuck Swim Women's Swimwear is easy!

All you have to do is click the size link, to find your perfect size: size us 4 / aust 8size us 6 / aust 10size us 8 / aust 12size us 10 / aust 14size us 12 / aust 16.size us 14 / aust 18size us 16 / aust 20size us 18 / aust 22 or size us 20 / aust 24.

When you're shopping for a Nip Tuck Swim swimsuit, it's important that you check your size with our swimsuit size guide. This will ensure that the swimwear you purchase fits well and is the right size for your body shape.

If you don't know what size to get, don't worry! We have simple body measurements you can do to confirm your Nip Tuck Swim women's swimsuit size. Read our blog on how to measure your body.

Our Nip Tuck Swim plain dye textured bright swimsuits are easy fit classic women's swimwear that will have you living in the sunshine all summer long! Our Nip Tuck Swim plain dye textured bright swimsuits are easy fit classic women's swimwear that will have you living in the sunshine all summer long!

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Textured fabrics are here, and they're not going anywhere.