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Diamond Lurex

Sparkly Swimwear

You were always meant to shine

Like the diamond, you are unsurpassed and uniquely you. Sometimes, the pressures and demands of modern life can fatigue and wear you down, leading you to forget just how special you are. When this happens, it’s important to stop, rest and reconnect with your inner feminine power.

It’s also important to add much-needed sparkle to your life, like the Nip Tuck Swim Diamond Lurex swimsuit collection. This collection features jewel-toned swimwear overlaid with subtly shining lurex. The sparkling lurex is layered in such a way that diamond shape motifs are formed, adding a luxurious touch to the swimsuit. Take this stunning shapewear swimwear with you on your next holiday and feel your worries wash away, leaving you to glimmer like you were always meant to.

Meet Diamond Lurex

Nip Tuck Swim’s Diamond Lurex collection is the latest in chic, sparkling swimwear that will undoubtedly lift your holiday spirit. A block color in a deep, saturated hue is overlaid with subtle lurex spots that reflect light and glimmer. With the Diamond Lurex collection, you don’t have to worry about sparkling swimwear that is gaudy or overwhelming – this women’s swimsuit range is subtle, with the lurex blending with the colored base as much as it stands out. This Nip Tuck Swim collection is the epitome of balance and subtle sparkle. In short, diamond Lurex is your new best friend!

What colors does Diamond Lurex come in?

Diamond Lurex Black Swimwear

A little black swimsuit (LBS) can rarely go astray in a summer wardrobe, being a classic color with slimming qualities. Why not add a simple yet effective twist to the black swimsuit with a sparkling layer of understated lurex over the top of a rich black base? Tres chic!

Diamond Lurex Blue Swimwear

In tribute to the wonderful blue beaches that we flock to all summer long, Nip Tuck Swim introduces the Diamond Lurex blue colorway. Imagine you’re lounging on a beautiful beach on a tropical island. The calm waters reflect the light of a glimmering sun overhead, creating a kaleidoscope of teal blue and sparkling light. Nip Tuck Swim captures that awe-inspiring moment in our Diamond Lurex blue colorway.

Diamond Lurex Orange Swimwear

Nip Tuck Swim’s Diamond Lurex women’s swimwear collection is also available in orange. This sparkling tummy control swimwear is inspired by mother earth’s energy source, the sun. Think of your next summer vacation where you’ll laze at your leisure under the haze of an orange sun. Embody that moment in Nip Tuck Swim’s Diamond Lurex orange swimwear.

What styles are available in the Diamond Lurex collection?

Black Diamond Lurex Joanne Twist Front Design Tummy Control One Piece Swimsuit

Diamonds are a classic and so is Nip Tuck Swim’s Joanne swimsuit style, a sweetheart cross-front one piece. This is why we’ve combined the two in our Diamond Lurex collection, available in black, blue and orange.

Black Diamond Lurex Louise Cross Front Tummy Control One Piece Swimsuit

Diamond Lurex is available in another classic Nip Tuck Swim style, the Louise. This style includes a deep V-neck with a subtle twist-front bust, providing feminine tailoring that emphasizes your curves beautifully. This style is available in the Diamond Lurex black colorway.

Black Diamond Lurex Louise Cross Over Design Tummy Control Bikini Set Swimsuit

For those who want to show a little more skin and embrace their summer body boldly, Nip Tuck Swim brings you the Diamond Lurex in the Louise style. Get the same benefits as the one piece while also getting to show off a little more of your glowing holiday tan. This style is available in the Diamond Lurex black colorway.

How to find your size in our Diamond Lurex women's swimwear collection?

If you want to find a perfectly fitting Nip Tuck Swim swimsuit, a recommended step is checking our size guide. With a few quick and simple measurements at home, you can be sure that the size you’re ordering is perfect for you. Follow this link to read more on our blog about how to accurately measure your body.

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“You're a diamond in the rough”
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