Are You Ruched and Ready?


It’s a beautiful day to visit the beach but you’re missing the perfect piece to complete your swim wardrobe. Discovering the perfect swimsuit demands effort. Something comfortable and stylish, while also enhancing self-confidence is the key. 

So what’s the perfect piece? 


Ruched swimsuits are the best combination of comfort, fashion and confidence. The design and texture of ruching brings elegance but also provides functionality and practical benefits. It is a MUST HAVE in every swimwear collection.

What is Ruched swimwear?

Ruching is a widely used design technique where fabric is formed to offer both stretch and a flattering fit on the body. Ruching involves the gathering or pleating of fabric to create textured patterns, typically achieved by sewing in parallel rows or gathering the fabric in specific areas. The feature of ruched swimwear showcases a ‘wrinkled look’ that adds extra movement to the garment, providing a more comfortable fit. As aesthetically pleasing to the eye it is, ruching also provides practical purposes of body sculping, great tummy control and creates an admirable silhouette.

Nip Tuck Swim Tummy Control One Piece Swimsuit

Lets look into the the Evolution of Ruched Swimwear:

As someone who particularly enjoys the history behind fashion trends, ruching has always intrigued me. The origins of ruching dates all the way back to the 19th century when seamstresses would incorporate this technique into petticoats and other decorative garments. Fast forward to the vibrant era of the 1980s, ruching emerged as a glamourous element in formal wear and party dresses. It has made its mark on contemporary fashion, as it remains a cherished design technique across all our clothing. 

Today, ruched swimwear has evolved to cater a diverse range of tastes and preferences. Whether it be for women slim or curvy, our one-piece swimsuits, tankinis, and bikini bottoms remains a versatile and sought-after design element suitable for everyone. The timeless charm of ruching is appreciated by people of all kinds as it can blend into modern elegance while maintaining retro features.

Why do you need a ruched swimsuit?

If you don’t own a ruched swimsuit! What are you doing? Ruched swimsuits are an essential piece of your wardrobe. A timeless and practical swimsuit appropriate for every beach or pool day of the year! Ruched swimsuits are the best style of swimwear to smooth out your feminine curves and waistline. They allow space for movement and sit well along the body. It’s simply stunning from every angle and flaunts a subtle yet flattering silhouette. It is versatile as it can provide tummy control and body sculpting!

Body Sculpting: 

I know I love wearing something that compliments my assets best, and ruched swimwear does quite that! It offers body sculpting benefits by accentuating and complementing your natural curves. The gathered fabric helps create an illusion of curves and contours, providing a shapely and defined look. This body-sculpting effect enhances your body type, giving you the confidence, you need. When we look at fabrics that is smoothed out along the body, this often magnifies any natural folds, however with the subtle textural touch of ruching sitting across the tummy helps divert the attention of these folds and creates a more flattering silhouette.

Tummy control: 

As we ladies get older, so do our bodies. Adapting our style as we age is crucial in uplifting our confidence. I’ve encountered many women saying ‘How do I hide my mom pouch?’ ‘I’d like to hide my tummy more’ ‘Does my tummy look fat in this?’. It’s tough learning to embrace the changes our bodies make and while it’s a mindset thing, the choice of clothing we decide to wear can help uplift and accept the beautiful bodies we have. To help answer these tummy questions, our ruched swimsuits do just that! The placement of ruching along the tummy area of our suits help conceal any midsection concerns you have. The ruching acts as a visual distraction, creating a more seamless look, alleviating the concern of unwanted attention in your midsection.


Nip Tuck Swim Tummy Control One Piece Swimsuit
Nip Tuck Swim Tummy Control One Piece Swimsuit


Confidence Boost: 

We all hear the saying ‘Everybody is a beach body’ which I do agree, we all have different body shapes and sizes that make us beautiful and meant for the beach, but our self-image of our selves doesn’t always agree, especially when we’re not in the correct swimsuit that effectively highlights our body. Ruched swimsuits have the combination of tummy control, comfort and body sculpting which helps significantly boost your confidence. When you feel good in what you’re wearing, your outlook of life changes. A ruched swimsuit can empower you to embrace your body and enjoy your days by the beach with no worries. 

Comfortable fit: 

While Ruched swimwear not only looks great on the body! It also offers a comfortable and supportive fit as the ruching allows extra movement and flexibility while maintaining a classic appearance. It helps mask the areas you don’t want to highlight while sitting on the body comfortably and not too snug. The intentional ruching moves with your body, which means its design is also perfect for our maternity mommas and their growing baby bumps. Our Nip tuck Swimsuits specialize in creating ruched swimwear from our softest materials. The gentle texture of these fabrics helps provide a good feeling against the skin and allows you to sit in these swimsuits comfortably for an extended period of time.


Nip Tuck Swim Tummy Control One Piece Swimsuit

Why you NEED a Nip Tuck ruched Swimsuit!

Firstly, why Nip Tuck Swim? 

We have the best top quality and soft hand feel fabrics that make our swimwear supportive as well as extremely functional and practical! 

Our goal is to craft elegant and timeless designs that shape and flatter your form. We want our Nip Tuck Swim ladies to feel confident in and around the water which is why we choose our fabrics carefully for your comfort. We create swimwear that are top quality at an affordable price, as we don’t want anyone to miss out on that luxurious feeling. Our quality fabrics include four way stretch, outer fabric, top quality lining and our body sculpting power mesh which are the best fabrics for shapewear and body sculpting. The combination creates the best slimming swimsuit bathers you can own while feeling soft and comfortable against the body. 

Our swimsuits have ruching along the tummy to help support trouble areas and draw attention away from any stomach woes. It allows you to feel empowered and sexy without feeling like you’re on display. It has full coverage and is suitable for all body shapes and sizes, from slim to curvy. 

We include ruching across our one pieces, tankini tops and our bikini bottoms. 

While a touch of ruching is incorporated into our bikini bottoms primarily as a design detail, the ruching on our tankinis offers you the flexibility to wear it higher for a bit of tummy exposure or lower for enhanced comfort. Additionally, our ruched one-pieces provide a subtle yet body-sculpting effect, ensuring both satisfaction and excellent support. 

Nip Tuck Swim specializes in creating swimwear that enhances, supports and shapes all our feminine curves!   

Our popular ruched designed swimwear is featured across all our collections and core colors as it has helped our ladies feel confident. Our texture Joanne one piece is one of our best-selling designs! It is every womans perfectly fitted tummy control swimwear shape that has multifit cups, internal powermesh for body sculpting and a classic twist front that creates a very flattering and slimming swimsuit shape. It fits a C cup, D cup and DD cup comfortably.

What body shapes suit a ruched swimsuit?

Finding the right swimsuit for you is always going to be a challenge. You will ask yourself questions like: 

‘How do I find what compliments my body type best?’ 

‘What color suits my skin tone?’ 

‘What swimsuit shape do I suit?’ 

Discovering the right swimsuit involves understanding your body shape and what aspects of clothing make you feel most confident. Its important to note that your own personal style plays a significant role in choosing the right swimsuit. Luckily for you, ruched swimsuits are super versatile and can compliment almost all body types. If you have a slim or petite shape; ruched swimsuits add dimension to the swimsuit creating the illusion of small curves in the body without necessarily overwhelming the smaller figure. If you’re more along the curvy side, ruching can help tummy control as the gathers can highlight natural curves. For our hourglass ladies, ruching can emphasise the curves of the waist and adds a touch of elegance while highlighting balanced proportions. If you love to run and are more along the athletic build, ruching can add more curves and enhance your feminine shape, creating a more dynamic look. 

Our Nip Tuck Swim ruched swimsuits come in all sorts of shapes, prints and colors to match your personal style. Our wide range of choices can help you decide the perfect swimsuit that makes you look and feel 100% confident while relaxing by the pool.


Nip Tuck Swim Tummy Control One Piece Swimsuit
Nip Tuck Swim Tummy Control One Piece Swimsuit

How do I care for my ruched swimsuit?

As we embrace a more sustainable lifestyle, it’s important to care and maintain our swimsuits to preserve their shape and color exactly the way we purchased it. There are many ways that we can discover how to care for our swimsuits, whether it be through the care label sewn onto the garment or searching the product online. However, a universal practice should be rinsing our bathers with cold water as soon as we exit the pool or beach. 

Why so? 

Chlorine in pools and salt in sea water can damage the quality of the fabrics and trims of our swimsuits. This is because the chemicals in chlorine can break down fibers causing the elasticity of the fabric to weaken and fade the color. Seawater can leave behind salt crystals and cause the fabric to wear and tear, also leading to stiffness and reduced elasticity. So, it is very important to care for our bathers after use. 

Once taken home, it’s good to provide that extra care of handwashing our bathers with cold water and hanging to dry. 

A few steps to take when caring for our swimsuits: 

1 . Fill up a small bucket of water with gentle garment detergent 

2. Add the bathers and massage them through 

3. rinse to remove all excess detergents 

4. Hang to dry in a shady position 

Avoiding detergents with bleach, chlorine or harsh abrasive chemicals will help refrain your bathers from deteriorating. Treat your bathers as you would treat your delicates. Avoid tumble dry and any heat sources as you wouldn’t want to burn your fabric. If this sounds like a bit too much work for you, placing your bathers in a wash bag on a gentle cycle is also another option to prevent any damages. 

We want your body sculpting and slimming Nip Tuck Swimsuits to last as long as possible! So follow these steps to help prolong your gorgeous bathers!   

As fashion is constantly evolving, ruched swimwear will remain a timeless peace that you can rely on! When it comes to women's swimwear, its not just about what you wear but how you feel in it too! You can never go wrong with owning a ruch bikini set or a one piece. It will help you feel effortless beautiful and super confident, so embrace the design of ruch swimwear and shop a few of our recommended pieces. 

Boost your confidence and feel the difference a perfectly fitting ruched swimsuit can make!

Choosing the Correct Women's Swimwear Size

Choosing your swimsuit size online can be difficult, but on our Nip Tuck Swim online store we offer an easy to use size guideNot sure of your body measurements or size in Nip Tuck Swim Swimwear? That is ok, as we have a few quick simple body size measurements that you can do to check and can confirm your Nip Tuck Swim swimsuit size. Follow this link to read more on our blog about how to accurately measure your body.

All of our Nip Tuck Swim swimwear is available in sizes US 4 - US 12 and sizes AUST 8 - AUST 16. Nip Tuck Curve plus size swimwear is available in sizes US 14 – US 20 and in Australian sizes AUST 18 – Aust 24.

To find suits in your size click the size link: size us 4 / aust 8, size us 6 / aust 10, size us 8 / aust 12, size us 10 / aust 14, size us 12 / aust 16., size us 14 / aust 18, size us 16 / aust 20, size us 18 / aust 22 or size us 20 / aust 24

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