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Women's Printed Swimwear

New Prints

At Nip Tuck Swim we pride ourselves on our beautiful luxurious unique prints. 

Our prints have been carefully designed and selected for our market and customers. 

We select timeless, elegant and classic styled prints that work beautifully with our ultimate tummy control, body sculpting swimwear swimsuits. Our prints go hand in hand with our top quality, affordable designer swimwear styles. 

We specialize in four main prints: stripes, spots, florals and foils. These are our best-selling swimwear prints. However, we also produce animal prints and in season fashion prints. We love to give you a variety of prints and colors to cater for a range of complexions, styles and preferences. 

Stripe prints – We have a range of nautical stripe prints. We have thick stripes, thin stripes and every width in between. The direction of the lines will flatter and sculpt your body.

Spot prints – Spot prints are a great timeless print. They come in a range of colors and sizes. 

Floral prints – Our floral prints are a great feminine and delicate print for every woman. They disguise and hide parts of the body while giving a smooth and slimming effect. 

Foils – Foils add that extra bit of glitz and glam. They are the ultimate luxurious print. A perfect print for your next holiday. 

Our unique designs are printed on our luxurious soft hand feel fabric. You will look amazing and feel amazing in any of our Nip Tuck Swim styles and Nip Tuck prints!  

Treat yourself to a new swimwear and find out why Nip Tuck Swim is every woman’s favorite swimsuit. 

We create the swimwear so you can create the memories.